Welcome to Discourse


Welcome to the SVP4U community and thanks for using our services! The below are a few helpful tips on getting help from the other contributors in this forums.

Please read and follow the below guidelines before asking for help or contribute to the forum.

Here are several points that if you follow, will help get you a positive outcome in the forums:

Search First
Search the forum :mag: because it is likely that your question has been asked and answered already. Do your homework.

Read the Docs
Read the docs, because they are pretty good and a lot of work goes into them.

When you do get an answer, mark the best solution in the thread using the checkbox icon from the comment action menu (with like, edit, bookmark, etc.). This marks the thread as solved.

Finally, please close the loop, by posting a summary in your thread about how you were able to solve the problem. Keeping communications public, clear and complete helps fix issues.